On Sunday, Elliot started our new sermon series of, ‘A Tale of Two Temples,’ which is focused on Acts 1-8. These chapters represent a paradigm shift for the people of God. It begins with the disciples waiting in the upper room, praying for Jesus to fulfil his promises. Then, in Acts 2, Jesus acts: he sends the long-hoped-for Holy Spirit! Just as God had filled the tabernacle in the wilderness with his glory (Exod 40), and just as he had come in power to Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem (2 Chr 7), now God returns in power once more. But he comes in a surprising way: God doesn’t fill the old stone temple with his power; no, now God fills this rag-tag group of disciples with his awesome presence! The veil has been torn, ordinary people like you and me have been given access to the Most Holy God. Where ever you go today, you are a walking temple of the Most Holy God! Here is a wonderful overview of Acts 1-12: https://thebibleproject.com/explore/acts/

Ngā mihi nui,
Elliot & Sarah