As you read this Elliot and I (Sarah) are tramping the Old Ghost Road! We love getting into the mountains and cannot help but be reminded of how grand our God is. We are on holiday for 3 weeks, back February 19th. While we are away, Sala, Pamela, and Jeremy are preaching, while Dan, Tania and Jo will oversee the services (you can contact them if you have any questions). The Elders (Ken, Jo, Pamela and Sala), along with Carol and Richard Guise are available for pastoral care. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with them or let them know of anyone who needs support or a visit.


As you know, over the summer we have been searching for an Associate or Assistant Pastor. Although we have had interest, we currently do not have anyone to bring forward to the church. When we return, the search will continue. The two options of Associate or Assistant Pastor will take two different paths. If a relevant applicant is an Associate Pastor then it will go through the search committee before coming to a church vote—thus it’s a “called” role. If it is an Assistant Pastor then the process will be conducted through Elliot and Sarah, in collaboration with the Elders, and the role will be appointed and communicated to the church. Please note that Elliot and I will not be checking our work emails while we are on holiday. We look forward to seeing you all in three weeks.


Sarah & Elliot Rice