The Torah, prophets and psalms speak not only to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, but also to the preaching of the early church and its mission from Jerusalem to all nations. The fulfilment of this is the premise of Acts. Pentecost is a story of the OT being fulfilled (Exod 40; 2 Chr 7; Ezek 43; Hag 2), as God’s fiery presence comes to dwell not in a building, but in his people. Pentecost may be understood as the erupting of a newly emerging temple in the midst of the old Jerusalem temple that was passing away. Luke is saying that the new temple is Jesus’ new covenant family – the people of Jesus! This is us; we are the new temple and today you have been brought into Jesus by the Holy Spirit – what is he prompting you to do in obedience to the Father’s will? We learn in Acts that God enables us to do what he calls us to do, you can trust God and take that step.

Ngā mihi nui,
Elliot & Sarah