• ·      We enjoyed a very special Easter weekend out at Spencer Park with Y@P (Youth at Papanui) for Easter Camp, and now we’re at home with the post-Easter Camp blues (a.k.a. a cold!). Thanks for your prayers and contributions to camp, it has been a significant time, which we’ll hear more about on May 12th for our Easter Camp feedback service led by our high schoolers.
  • ·      Over the next two Sundays we’ll hear messages relating to international mission, first with Beth and Peter Hwang sharing this weekend, then Pauline Hocking the week after.
  • ·      Speaking of overseas mission, please be aware that all information from the Huffmans in the U.K. (such as their recent newsletter) is confidential, given the delicate nature of their work. Please don’t share it.
Elliot and Sarah Rice