On Sunday we brought our Tale of Two Temples series to a close, remembering the paradigm shift that took place for the people of God in Acts as they went from being heavy and attractional to light-footed and incarnational. The Spirit mobilised the church to announce the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, beginning in Jerusalem, then moving into all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth! Our vision at Papanui to participate in Christ’s love for our neighbourhoods is a renewal of that same original paradigm shift: God’s mobilising us to be an agile and fertile people!


Coming up on Sundays:

  • August 18th: Ministries Expo. Come and hear what God’s been doing through some of our ministries lately, and learn how you can get involved!
  • August 25th: Adam Hutchinson will be sharing about money and giving.
  • September 1st: We’ll begin a three-week series on Hearing from God. Some of you have been asking, “How do we hear the voice of God personally?” This series aims to equip. Also on September 1st we’ll have our Special General Meeting.
  • September 15th: No church—we’ll be at camp! Everybody is invited to gather at Woodend Christian Camp for the 10am service, even if you’re not attending camp. Admission is free!