Greetings friends, Elliot here—I’m back on deck! Our Charlotte is now three weeks old, and both she and Sarah are doing well. I was able to take 2 ½ weeks off to be at home, for which I owe a great deal of thanks to our church staff. Aren’t they amazing? I’m afraid Colleen has set the bar rather high with her last two pieces for the Grain of Rice, they were such beautiful reflections. It’s fantastic to return to 144 Sawyers Arms and find the place humming . . . All our Freedom Trust activities are back on, Y@P’s kicking into gear, Oasis is in full swing—there’s a buzz. Damian and the Freedom group led a great service on Sunday, sharing a glimpse of what they get up to through the week (does anyone else still have that Mainly Music song going around in their head?!). With my coming there’s also been a going: our Tania finished in the Children and Families Role on Sunday, after a fantastic season of developing that ministry. We’ll be farewelling her and the Luke family this Sunday as they move to a new church. And lastly, my thoughts and prayers have been with our friends at Te Ora Hou, several of whom are members of our church whānau, as they grieve the loss of their Mr H.

Nāku nā,
Elliot Rice
Co-Senior Pastor