1 Corinthians 15:57

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.


Linda and I have been blessed to be part of Pap Bap for the past near 11 years and it is time for us to let go and start something new. We know that our future is in God’s hands as we believe it is likewise for Pap Bap. We will follow your progress with anticipation.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed in making Pap Bap a great place. We have appreciated all of those who have faithfully prayed for us and we know some of you do this daily and it will be missed. Thank you for your kind words in cards and letters, especially in these last few weeks. I will obviously miss the staff who have journeyed over a long period; mounting up to many staff meetings and loads of coffee. I have also been on a journey with Ken, Don and Margaret as Elders from the beginning of our ministry. They have witnessed the best and the worst of me as a Pastor. I will miss Sam and Nimol as they are like my own children whom we have all come to love so much. I will miss the forever hard working Damian who is the most selfless person amongst us, always seeking the best for others. It will also be strange without Donna who keeps me in line and everybody else.


I have had the privilege marrying couples and family members; I have taken funerals, dedications and baptisms and you have allowed me into many special places within your lives. We have been part of celebrating anniversaries and birthdays and much more. We have been blessed as we’ve been praying with you through many difficult circumstances. It will also be strange not to attend Friday breakfast with the “faithful remnant” and the never ending jokes of Brian Finn. The senior people in our church are the best ever, and thank you for being such an encouraging bunch. I’ve also appreciated our youth who amazingly don’t fall asleep during the sermons. I have also a sense of pride seeing Matt Maslin taking up the pastorate, considering he was a young teenager when we started. It has been amazing seeing our musicians develop and I’ve appreciated working closely with Ramon and Nicola. There are simply too many people to name and give thanks for.


It will be hard to leave this church as I appreciate all the great people we are leaving behind. We have a collection of capable, but more important good people who want God’s best for us as the Body of Christ.


Blessings Pastor Ed & Linda