In Elliot and my first weekend in Christchurch, we met a pastor we were inspired by. He has been serving the church for a long time and we asked what sustained him. He talked about how he has one weekend off a month to grow his personal faith. We thought this sounded like a good idea and took it to the elders. We decided together that we would have one weekend every 6th weeks where Elliot and I would not be at Papanui Baptist on a Sunday. This is part of our spiritual rhythm (discipline). Last Sunday was our 6th Sunday off and we went to Kaikoura. We find that in these times Jesus speaks to us, while we go to another church or like we did this Sunday had communion and a devotion on the beach. We find this rhythm reminds us who the saviour of the church is and on a Sunday the service is about God showing up. We come away from these times away, will a deep sense of dependency on God. What rhythms do you have in place to remind you continuously of your utter dependence on God?