I am currently a board member for the Canterbury/Westland Association. Our board is made up of 5 members who work with a Regional leader (Paul Askin), Youth leader (Mike Dodge), Children’s leader (Donna Reid), and an Administrator (Nicola Rosanowski). Paul and Nicola are vacating their positions, so we have been advertising for a Regional leader and an Administrator. Our roles are to resource and help Baptist Churches in our region to grow and be healthy.

Although this sounds like a business operation; there should be a family dynamic to our existence. Family fallout is a common pastoral issue most of us face; and thankfully we have some great guidelines of reconciliation through the teaching of Jesus Christ. The positive side of family is expressed in our desire to relate and rejoice in our successes and support those in need.

This year our Association have continued the theme of prayer”; between Easter and Pentecost. I have also encouraged us as a church to include fasting. The Association have made opportunity of 40 days of prayer in weekly prayer sheets, available at our information desk. You can do one week or all 6 weeks. Each sheet gives you the privilege to pray for churches and ministries in our region. In addition there are Bible readings and challenging thoughts for each day.

Prayer has many shapes and various forms from active to quiet prayer.

Contemplative prayer or centring prayer which is a focus on a specific topic or word; all being valid forms of prayer. For us as Christians, we connect in prayer with our God, the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. One of the most traditional forms of prayer is known as Lectio Divina; Latin word for sacred reading. This form of prayer has 4 separate steps, and you need a quiet place for meditation.

  1. Reading Scripture
  2. Meditate on the words (avoid turning it into a study)
  3. Praying in words your response from the Scriptures
  4.  Contemplate and sense the response from God, resting in His love and presence.

Give it a go with Scriptures from our 40 day of prayer sheet, and be blessed.