Jesus Christ has loved the Papanui area since God spoke this land into being. Christ has wanted to be in relationship with all who have and will dwell on this land, starting with Māori who have guardianship of the land (Tangata Whenua) and those who are welcomed onto the land (Tangata Tiriti, “People of the Treaty”). On the 14th of October we will be celebrating 60 years of how Jesus has been revealing himself to people on this land; how the Holy Spirit has gathered people and formed Papanui Baptist Church so that the people of God can be re-orientated to do the Father’s will. We will celebrate this in the service by praising and crying out our gratitude for God’s faithfulness and we will look to the future with anticipation of how God will continue to draw people into Christ’s body. After the service we will have lunch together and if you are able to give a koha would be appreciated to help cover costs. This is not something to miss!