Throughout the year we have been advertising for an Associate Pastor and have had wonderful people on the call committee at different times. Thank you to Mike Dodge, Neil McKenzie, Verity Stewart, Greg Scott, Pamela Griffiths and Heather Mclennan for your amazing involvement. The current call committee (Verity, Greg, Heather and Pamela) have put a name forward to the elders, and the Co-Senior Pastors. The governance have unanimously felt this person is called to Papanui Baptist Church and this Sunday we shall be announcing the name and explaining why we feel they are called here. We will be looking to have a church wide vote on the 1st of September (this will include the vote for Jon Wroth for elders). Leading up to the vote, you shall be sent a personal profile of the person and on the 18th of August we will have a Q&A with them on the Sunday. A reminder that the Associate role has been changed, so we will also be sending a recap to you on the changes. We look forward to continuing this journey together.