A couple of weeks ago I (Elliot) attended South West Baptist Church’s “Neighbourhood Hui”, along with Jo, Philip, and Susan from PBC, and about 250 people from various South West neighbourhoods. We went to observe, learn, and listen to what God’s doing among that church community, with a view to what God’s doing among us in north west Christchurch. Here’s a few lines from various speakers that capture something of the vision of what’s happening there:

The vision: “A bunch of mates doing life together following Jesus in the same neighbourhood, learning to love God, self, each other and the world.”

The ask: “A slow and deliberate move towards a people and a place.”

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

“Your decision for Christ is the last decision you’ll ever make. From then on, it’s discernment.”

“This is a lifestyle—it’s not another thing to add to your week.”

“We should expect tension.”

Why not take two minutes to ponder one or more of those quotes, and think what that might mean for you as you think about your neighbourhood?


Elliot & Sarah