Morena church!
It’s great to see you here. Even now, scattered as we are across the city, God is gathering us to one another in Christ by his Spirit. United to Jesus, we are united to one another. Sarah and I are thinking of you as you gather for worship.
Please find attached the document “Sunday Gathering_22.3.20”. Open it up! This document is designed to guide you through our time of worship together. Things you will need:

  • a device that can play videos from the internet accessible, 
  • a Bible or two, 
  • and you might like a candle to light.

Here are the website links referenced in the service. Please click each one when you get to it in the service. You can begin with the first one—”Sala’s call to worship”:

For those of you who can’t access the YouTube video with my video devotion, I have also attached my notes for the devotion. Open that up after you have discussed the questions in the section, “Devotion: “Movements of the Heart” (Matt 6:19-34)”.You will also find attached the letter regarding the Abortion Bill written on behalf of New Zealand Baptist churches (including ourselves), together with most of New Zealand’s significant church denominations, sent to Parliament earlier this week.

May you know the wonderful presence of Jesus as we worship together! Maranatha—Come, Lord Jesus!

Nāku nā,