Youth at Papanui

Y@P (Youth at Papanui) is an inclusive Christian youth community based out of Papanui Baptist church. Y@P is for high school aged youth and happens every Wednesday night from 7-9 (excluding holidays), but there is a lot more to Y@P that just a Wednesday night.

Y@P shares the same mission as the church- To belong, to grow and to influence. What does this look like at Y@P?


To Belong-

One of the biggest struggles young people face is the task of belonging. At Y@P we try and provide a supportive, caring and inclusive community of young people who find their identity and purpose in Jesus and the Christian faith. We want to foster an environment where not only are young people cared for by our leadership team, but that the youth learn to love each other as well. Not only this, we want young people to discover what it means to be connected and belong to the wider church family.

To Grow-

Everyone is welcome at Y@P and we, as God does, accept everyone where they are at. But we also like to challenge young people to grow and develop- to not be content with the status quo. This means we want to see youth develop in all areas of life, but we are especially interested in youth figuring our faith and spirituality for themselves.  This happens largely in our small group nights where our leaders often do studies, but also on teaching nights, and other extra events such as camps.

To Influence-

To us, it’s not enough to just belong to a supportive community where you grow. We are passionate about what we are doing actually making a difference. We want our youth community to be outward focused as well as inward focused. This means we strive to share our faith and improve the quality of life of those around us.

Our program is shaped around these values. We have a three weekly rotation of a small group night, a teaching/worship night and a social night.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Youth Pastor

Matthew Maslin


03 352 4227