We’re here with Margaret and Philip McFedries for the annual Baptist Hui (the national gathering of Baptist Church leaders), being hosted this year at Northpoint Baptist Church. Part of the Hui will involve a day visiting Parihaka, which will no doubt be an inspiring day of learning about a radical community, as well as a sobering encounter with one of New Zealand’s darker moments in history—why not read up the story for yourself here http://parihaka.maori.nz/ and here https://www.nzgeo.com/stories/parihaka/. We’ll also be hearing from former New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd, who has been influential in recent years for his speaking out against Pakeha racism toward Maori people and culture. So yes, plenty of focus this year will be on New Zealand’s bi-cultural foundations and the ongoing journey of repentance and reconciliation. Please be praying for us as we seek the Lord with our Baptist whanau, that He might continue to form his church as a compelling witness to his glory in Aotearoa.