Unpacking the book of Hebrews through this lens we are constantly challenged to consider the many dimensions of the  ‘great salvation” which is offered to us through Jesus, the Son. Like a diamond with its many facets, the brilliance of Jesus catches our attention from many angles. His atoning death on the Cross is at the centre; it is the pivot point of salvation.  But depending on my culture, gender, age, time of birth …. I might be drawn to Jesus along quite different paths. If I come from an honour-shame culture, I may see God as too high, too holy for me to know Him in a personal way. I need to know I am invited to participate in the community who is God: Father, Son and Spirit through Jesus who forgives my shortcomings and clothes me with a robe of righteousness.  If I come from a guilt- innocence culture I may be convicted that I have fallen short of God’s standard. Innocence can only be attained through a great and perfect atoning sacrifice. If I have grown up in a fear-power culture I may feel bound and oppressed. Jesus resurrection power brings me freedom; He overcame sin and death! In confessing ‘Jesus as Lord” I become a co-heir with Christ with authority to address the powers of darkness in His name, as I look forward to the fullness of His kingdom.

Jesus is the total package.  He embodies Honour, Truth and Power.  With hearts full of gratitude we affirm there is a path for every human being to walk towards Jesus and the great salvation that is offered to us in all its dimensions.