I have been really enjoying our current teaching series on Parables in Luke.  Some have been very familiar such as ‘The Good Samaritan’, while others have been less well known such as ‘The Parable of the 10 Pounds’. Why do some of the lesser-known ones get chosen?
As we read the word it is important that we not only pick out the bits that are like ‘honey in the rock’, but that we wrestle with the books and verses that we maybe don’t understand so well or that make us uncomfortable too.  It is often in the searching for meaning and the discomfort that God is able to reveal Himself in a new way and we grow.
This next Sunday though we have a break in our preaching series with Y@P staging a take-over service.  Come prepared for things to go a little bit differently.  There will be the chance to hear a little of what Jesus is doing in that space through fun and testimony. You might feel uncomfortable with that – but our hope is, even if you are –  that by the Spirit, God will be revealed to you in a new way!