Today as I write this the sun is pouring through the window onto my desk at church. However, I know that this wasn’t the scene a couple of days ago.  With Canterbury facing its biggest rain event for decades our church roof was springing leaks and Carol was busy putting out bowls and mopping up puddles.
Wouldn’t it be great if there wasn’t any rain – then our roof would never leak right?
Well, yes.  But it would still have the same holes.  The same weaknesses and imperfections that needed work. We just wouldn’t know where they were in amongst that which was sturdy and doing its job.
Isn’t that a bit like us too?  If we never faced the storms of life, we wouldn’t have to face our very personal flaws and weaknesses.  In amongst all the strengths and talents we have been given our flaws would still be there – impeding our relationships with others and our ability to grow deeper in relationship with God.
I don’t enjoy my ‘life storms’, I am not excited when I sense the thunderclouds massing on the horizon. But I have learnt that when I both acknowledge the gifts given to me and work with the Holy Spirit in addressing the leaks in my character that show up, I am drawn ever deeper by Christ into the marvellous embrace of God.