Last week we had the first in our series of Parables from Luke.  Looking at the parable of the Good Samaritan, Tim Hughes shared about love being a verb.  That we are called to actively love our neighbour. What if that means to actively go outside our usual spaces, to go looking for our ‘neighbour’ in order to show that love?  What if that means to actively go searching for those who are hurting and wounded in order to care for them?  What if that means working on ourselves so that we are more aware of our unconscious biases, more able to overcome them, and reach out to those we would have felt unworthy of help?  What if we, the church, were empowered to go out into the byways and highways and share the wonder of the love of Christ to all? What if?
This week we have a guest speaker bringing the message, Ed and Linda Karlsen will be down from the North Island and Ed will be preaching on ‘What is the Gospel?’  I am already looking forward to hearing from him and gathering together with you all.