Do you remember the story of the sick woman?  She came up in my Lenten bible readings this week.
In the midst of the throngs crowding around Jesus she stood.  Exhausted and anaemic from 12 years of haemorrhaging. In poverty, having spent all that she had on physicians and cures that did not work. Spiritually and emotionally spent as she has been ‘unclean’ for so long.  Unable to be hugged, to sit on the same chairs as her family, to attend worship.  She sees Christ pass and knows He is her one last hope.
And then the first of two miracles.  She bends and touches just the edge of His cloak. Immediately she is healed.  Jesus turns just as immediately and asks, ‘who touched me?’  In the Gospel of Matthew, it says He turned and saw her. She falls to her feet and in front of the crowd tells her story and gives witness to her healing and then the second miracle happens.  Jesus calls her “daughter”.  Where she was once separated from God, He affirms her relationship and access to Himself. By allowing her the space and time to be heard, he brings her to right standing within her community.
Whatever it is that is troubling you and I, it is the same Christ that invites us, draws us to come near today.  He is still eager for us to come in faith to touch Him.  To then respond to us in love and call us a child of God.
Lord as you did with this woman, draw us near to you in hope. Fill us with faith and turn to meet us in love, calling us sons and daughters.   Empower us with the compassion you have shown us, that we might show the world your goodness.