For such a time as this.

This month we are starting on a four-week journey through the NZBMS Prayer and Self Denial campaign which this year is centred around the story of Esther.  It is important that we take opportunities to both rejoice in how God is outworking His plan for restoring the world and bringing all creation into right relationship with Him, as well as be reminded of the realities much of the world faces in everyday life.
Most of us though, will never go to far away places to live out our call.  Instead, our mission is found in the communities, streets, houses and people around us.  As we seek God’s face in these next few weeks and learn of His desire to change communities to represent the Kingdom of Heaven, let’s also look at how it can inform us of our ministry here too.  For you too were made for such a time as this – to be the hands, eyes, feet and heart of Christ until His return.