But Our Eyes are on You!

Kia Ora Whanau,

How has your week been?
Have you managed to enlarge your bubble or has it remained the same?Have you started back at work or are you worried if there will be work for you to get back to?
What about next week? What is that looking like for you?
Maybe you have bought a house, are selling a house or are even shifting to a new house soon.
As we await information about what a shift in our circumstances might look like heading into Level 2 none of us are sure of what it will bring. It can be hard making plans when so many factors rely on things out of our control. I was reminded of King Jehoshaphat this week. In Chronicles 20 we read that one day he was informed that a vast army was coming against him. He stood in front of the assembly of Judah and prayed. He ended his prayer with the words ‘we do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.’
What hope and faith in that prayer. (Spoiler Alert: It’s a happy ending for Judah this time round)
As we head into the next week, I know that some of us are getting tired of our circumstances. Let’s not get tired of confessing our need of and trust in God though – Lord, we do not know what next week will look like or what to do, but our eyes are on you.
One thing I do know is that I have really enjoyed the series that Elliot has been leading us through from Philippians. Although he will continue to lead the Sunday services, for the next two weeks Elliot will have a break from teaching with Sala bringing the devotion this Sunday and myself the week after. Looking forward to gathering together with you all as we keep our eyes on Him, see you Sunday!