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Black Lives Matter

There’s no avoiding the news going around at the moment about Goerge Floyd and the protests in the USA and here in Aotearoa—and may we, followers of Christ, not shy from these important events! One of the phrases many of us are hearing, and which I used in a Facebook post of my own, is “Black Lives Matter.” What do we mean by this, you may ask? Here’s one response we think especially well put:

“I used the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ in a social media post earlier this week. As happens each time I use the phrase, someone asks, ‘Why not just say “all lives matter?”’ Here is my quick response: When one of my four kids got hurt, it didn’t seem to make sense to say to them, ‘All my kids’ matter.’ In that moment, I embraced them and said, ‘You matter. Your pain matters. Your healing and return to health matters.’ That doesn’t diminish my love for my other kids. It expands my capacity to love as I live with another person’s pain.

Jesus did the same thing in his ministry. He didn’t say, ‘all people matter.’ He went to those who were hurting, who’d been denied a place at the table, who had been cast out of the community and said ‘You Matter.’ Samaritans matter. Women matter. Tax collectors matter. Lepers matter. Did that mean he loved other people less? By no means. His life and ministry expanded the vision and capacity of his followers to love as they broke down the religious and cultural walls that had long divided people.” ~author: Kai Nilsen

If you’d like to understand more about this important issue, this is a great place to start. And may our understanding translate to tangible change in our relations with people who look different to us!


We’re continuing with our three options for worship on Sunday:
10 am service
4:15 pm service
Live-streamed YouTube video (link emailed Sunday morning)
You are welcome to join any or all of these! On Sunday we had plenty of room in both our onsite gatherings, so we’d love to welcome more of you back in. P.S. Rob’s firing up the coffee machine—free coffees everyone!

Elliot Rice