Bubble vs Bowl

Kia Ora Whanau

I don’t know about you, but I have had many new words and terms to learn over the last few weeks. Or new meanings to attach to old words and terms.  Terms like ‘Alert Level 4’ and ‘flatten the curve’, ‘physical distancing’, and ‘stick to your bubble’. If you had said the word bubble to me at the beginning of the year, I would immediately have had thoughts of delighted toddlers at Mainly Music chasing bubbles around, trying to catch them.  I would have had thoughts of the attempts over the years in Cambodia, where any bubble mixture had to be handmade, trying to perfect the recipe to get the biggest most robust bubbles we could. But because I have had some extra time on my hands to let my mind wander, thoughts of bubbles have turned into thoughts of fishbowls.  Stay with me here folks. I have been thinking of the tendency we have as people to believe the ‘fishbowl fantasy’.  This is the one where we think that people close to us can see into our lives and are aware of all the feelings and thoughts swimming around. People should know how we feel and how to meet our needs without our having to express them.  That somehow if we must communicate our thoughts, feelings, and needs in words it somehow lessens the loving action of the person responding to them. It is a fantasy.  They can’t. And it leaves us feeling rejected. Angry. Hurt. Reading from Mark Ch 10 this morning I was drawn to the story of Jesus healing Bartimaeus.  Responding to his cries, Jesus went to the blind man.  He didn’t assume he knew what the man wanted of him.  And Bartimaeus didn’t assume that Jesus should know.  They communicated in words and needs were met. I remember I can be bold like Bartimaeus who shouted his need before being approached. And I can be Christlike as I ask people of their needs rather than assuming. As we start to enlarge our bubbles this week, remember they are bubbles, not fishbowls.