Dear church,

We are remembering you constantly in our prayers as we continue to journey together through each new day with its mix of joys and trials. I read Ezekiel 1 this morning, and I was reminded of the awe-some glory of God—a glory revealed to God’s people as they struggled in exile by the Kebar River. Whether we’re in familiar places like the Temple in Jerusalem or our blue building on Sawyers Arms Road, or whether we’re exiled from our gathering place by the Kebar River or in our homes, our God still shows up. He’s awesome and holy, and like Ezekiel, it makes sense that we’d fall on our faces before him in reverent worship. Then I reflected on John 1 where we hear that this awe-some glory of God has shown up in the ordinary Jewish flesh of Jesus the Nazarene. Our awesome God has shown up in our space, so that we, made of the dust, can dare to enter God’s space with heads uplifted in joyful praise. The same God comes to you today by the Holy Spirit. Whatever “Kebar River” you’re sitting by, whatever exile you find yourself in, take heart: God is here, the kingdom is near!