Next stop: Level 2, and a Celebration

Our last day of Level 3! That’s worth celebrating. Tomorrow our staff team will be meeting (in the flesh, in the building!) to begin planning for the next season. We’ll discuss things like Sunday Gatherings, ministries, and small groups. I’ll keep you posted on Friday with the Long Grain (probably the last weekly installment of that email). We anticipate that our core operations will remain as they have been for a least the next week or two, and likely for longer than that. We will continue to meet for worship on Zoom, at least until the limit of 10 people for social gatherings increases to nearer 100. With Level 2 tomorrow, I wonder, what have you enjoyed in this season that you plan to keep enjoying as old ways of life re-emerge?

On a personal level, we Rices are celebrating this week. Sarah submitted her Master’s thesis back in January, but that flew under the radar with the arrival of Charlotte the very next day (her labour began an hour after submission!). Yesterday she received her grade, and she passed with flying colours (Distinction)! Thank you, church whānau, for your support of Sarah in her studies, including the six-week trip to Fiji for the case study in 2018. To quote from the thesis, “To the community at Papanui Baptist Church, thank you for your support, prayers and encouragement.” We’re now very much looking forward to the Massey graduation, as well as presenting the thesis to the entrepreneurs and staff at He-Ni-Uwa restaurant who resourced the study with their knowledge and hospitality.