The Heart of Worship

Along with the rest of New Zealand, we’re celebrating this week the return to Level 1 and the overcoming of Covid-19 in our land—at least for the time being. It’s felt so good to give and receive a few hugs, and to see the barriers coming down as we readjust to life as (mostly) normal. In our church building we’re seeing activities burst back into life, and on Sunday we can look forward to gathering in full capacity once again. But what will we return to? God forbid that we settle once again for a pattern of life that’s ruled by consumerism, environmental exploitation, racial and gender discrimination, and apathy toward Jesus and his upside-down kingdom. No, I don’t want to return to anything; I want renewal, as we pray “your kingdom come”!

This Sunday, we’ll continue to have gatherings at 10 am and 4:15 pm. And it will be different. Most obviously, this Sunday we won’t have musicians to lead us in song. Most of us love singing our praises to God—it’s so good to sing out together! But this week, we’ll be invited back to the heart of worship, to what it’s all about: lifting our eyes in worship, unadorned, perhaps even exposing. We’ll strip it all away, gathering with just our voices and our Bibles, as we bring our offering of worship to God. I can’t wait to encounter him by his Spirit together!

Nāku nā,