John 3:16 is a Scripture we know well, but I find it never gets old: “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Sonso that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” We’re a community who have received God’s love through Jesus Christ, and in him we have the hope of resurrection to eternal life. That means the relationships we have now matter! 
  • That’s why we try to get to know each other deeper, and why we wanted you to come over for a cuppa tea at our house last week. We shall try to again in the summer. 
  • This is also why we celebrate people among us, and we’re going to honour Don’s long service in eldership. Sadly, his brother has passed away, so this too has been postponed from this weekend. 
  • We desire for people to know and believe in Jesus: that’s why we need help setting up Easter Camp this Saturday! Please let Dan know if you’re able to help. 
  • For people to know the love of God is what our missionaries the Huffmans long for as well: for people to meet Jesus and be found in him. They’re involved in teaching English, providing computer support, floristry, food, and Bible courses in a community in England that is predominantly Muslim. Their latest update is available on the Welcome Desk. Please pray for them! 

God loves this world and calls us to participate in Jesus’ redemptive work.

Sarah & Elliot