This Sunday we are having a special members meeting (although anyone is welcome to come). This meeting is best described as a ‘Christocracy,’ meaning we are a community in which Christ reigns, and his Spirit guides us to know his mind. The call committee, co-senior pastors and elders have endorsed both Colleen (for associate pastor) and Jon (for eldership) but the central endorsement (or not) must come from Jesus. How we vote needs to primarily be in faithfulness and response to him.┬áSo as you go through your week, we would encourage you to pray, read scripture and talk together about what Jesus might be saying to us. Notice any peace or lack of peace that you might be having. Get in contact with the elders or pastors if you think there is a scripture or word of knowledge that we need to engage with as a community. Trust and expect that Jesus is active and wants to speak to us. Here is a link, which provides helpful information about Baptist church meetings, to help you in your preparation: