The Holy Spirit gathers us together and unites us to Christ so that we might bring glory to the Father. He also scatters us to participate in Christ’s mission in the world. Our vocations all vary, be that teaching, bus driving, managing accounts, or mission work in the classic sense. Christ calls us in many ways! The Parkers, who were missionaries we financially supported, are making faithful changes according to God’s call on their lives. All our missionaries are reviewed from time to time in light of changing priorities and circumstances, and we consider whether we’re still the sending church or if another part of Christ’s body has become more appropriate. Elliot, Sarah, and the Elders have fully supported the decision to release the Parkers—this was prayerfully and thoughtfully decided over a number of months. A big thank you to Nicky & the mission committee who has sought to ensure the process has been transparent to the church and the Parkers. As Julia said herself, while Pap Bap’s financial commitment to them is finishing, the relationship won’t be, as there will be people within the fellowship who will continue to keep in contact with them directly. If you wish to individually support them, then please contact the office for more details.
Elliot and Sarah Rice