As we continue to participate in Christ’s love for our neighbourhoods, we thought we’d take the chance in the next few Grains of Rice to answer a few FAQs about the neighbourhood vision. Here’s the first:

Are neighbourhood groups replacing Ngage Groups?

PBC has had a long wonderful heritage of small groups. Small groups have largely taken the form of Ngage Groups, but were previously known as “Cell Groups” in the Fraser Campbell era. This has been a nourishing time of long term relationship. In our focus on neighbourhoods we are not stopping Ngage Groups (in fact a number of new ones have formed this year!). The focus on neighbourhood is about our call from Jesus to a people and a place. We are becoming aware of the geographical areas we spend most of our life in. Ngage Groups can be an enriching place that enables us to be immersed in our local community. For others, neighbourhood groups might take on more of a dedicated life together, where prayer, sharing and rhythms become part of our everyday life. What we are looking at is not an “either-or”, instead it’s a “both-and”. Our call to participate in Christ’s work and join in on what he is up to is supported in a number of ways and with the focus on neighbourhoods we are looking at a missional spirituality where we get to know each other while we seek Jesus in our physical places.
Sarah and Elliot Rice