With our AGM fast approaching next month, we’re looking to receive Elders nominations. If you have noticed someone who you think God would like to serve this church by being an elder, then we would encourage you to take these steps. First ask the person if you can bring their name forward to the eldership and if they are feeling God is directing them into a governance role. Then, in writing nominate the person to any of the Elders or Co-Senior Pastors. As a governance team, we will bring the name before God and see if we also think this is God’s direction. If so, we will bring the name to the church to be voted on at the AGM. All nominations need to be received by the 28th of October. 
We are also working on some changes to our current constitution, which we will release for your prayerful consideration. On the 28th of October at 7pm, we are holding a night where you can come and discuss the changes with Elders and Co-Senior Pastors. At that same meeting, we will discuss the Listening Hui Report together. The report is out from the Assembly Council’s nation-wide Listening Hui, which took place in June and July. It’s a sobering read, and we think it is important we discuss it as a church. This will be held alongside the discussion on the constitution changes. Please find the Report attached here.
All other materials for the AGM will be released for your prayerful consideration on November 11th. If there are any concerns, clarifications needed, or you desire to discuss anything please feel free to do so with us as we lead up to the AG