On Sunday night about 60 of us gathered for Dream Night, where we took time to think about the ‘soil’ of our church—the fertile ground in which the body of Christ will flourish (Matt. 13). Our soil is the Good News of Jesus Christ. We had a number of stations (set up by PBC staff) inviting people to engage with different elements of the Good News, which were provoking our answers to the following questions:
  • Who is Jesus, and why is he Good News?
  • Why is Jesus’ vision of the kingdom Good News?
  • Why is God’s gift of freedom to people Good News?
  • Why is the cross Good News?
  • What does the church have to do with the Good News?
  • Why is the new creation (heaven and earth) Good News?
All of this is helping us to answer the biggie: What’s the Good News that Jesus himself announced, and told his followers to announce as well? A number of people then shared their ‘G2’ (Gospel in 2 Minutes), which we’ll enjoy seeing on screen on Sunday mornings. How would you answer those questions? How’s the ‘soil’ in your own life?
Elliot & Sarah