“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” Romans 15:7

This Sunday the young adults who lead Y@P will be running the service and shall be inviting youth to testify to Jesus’ redemptive work in their lives. G-Reps and kids church will also be staying in the service. This will be a significant time of all being together and celebrating that God is close—he is rubbing shoulders with us. Isn’t it so wonderful that this is Jesus’ church and he welcomes everyone into it and calls us to participate in his hospitality. Jesus on the cross did the ultimate act of hospitality where he put the needs and comforts of others above his own, so that they could be embraced in a relationship with him. This is our welcoming God, who calls us to be his welcoming people. This means we’ve got an intentional decision to make: we need to be willing to put others’ needs and comfort above our own. Ensuring that we are willing to not sit in our usual seat because someone new is there or moving closer together so others can fit into the row. Another step is moving towards the youth and asking questions like, “How do you like to spend your free time?” “What is your favorite subject at school?” “How did God speak to you at Easter camp” or “How did you find this morning?” A trick is to try find a common interest. There are endless open questions we can ask to discover that. Then we take the next step (which is one of the most important) and we introduce them to someone else. This is about valuing our youth and their families and by doing so we show God’s love.

On another note, thank you to those who have filled out the Survey Monkey survey about communication at Papanui Baptist!