Last Sunday Elliot talked about how Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” Jesus asks us that same question. Why not pause and in your mind, let Jesus ask you that same question? Dwell in this space and let Jesus ask you in your inner most being. May God by his Spirit enable us all to want to love Jesus more in every moment of our lives. How wonderful and amazing it is to know we are God’s beloved sons and daughters!

Through the next couple of months we’ll be back and forth from Christchurch a bit, representing Papanui at these different events:
– Elliot and Sarah will be going to the Baptist LEAD Conference in Wellington (June 24-26). Sarah has been asked to speak at present on the topic, “What is the Gospel?” If you remember in the Baptist report last year, it stated that the Baptist movement is “at odds.” Our prayer—and we hope you will join us in this—is that God will use this time to bind us together in love and unity, centred on Jesus Christ.
– Elliot is presenting a paper based on his Masters thesis in Auckland at the Australia New Zealand Association of Theological Schools (ANZATS) conference (July 1-3).
– Sarah and Elliot have their annual pastoral leadership year group retreat, this year in Auckland (July 4-7). This is a time where we seek God with our peers and intentionally spend time encouraging one another.
– Elliot will present a two-day course for Pathways School of Bible and Mission in Tauranga titled “The Life of Christ in the Gospels” (July 22-23).

Ngā mihi nui,
Sarah and Elliot