Our AGM is this Sunday, where we’re planning to communicate about our structure (particularly in terms of staff) for 2019, together with the budget. There is a choice of two budgets, which we as a church will seek to discern Christ’s mind on:
    1. A status quo budget, keeping the same giving as this year, with a 0.6 FTE Associate Pastor position, as well as Sarah and Elliot each increasing to 0.7 FTE each.
  • The same as the above budget, but including an extra 0.25 FTE Youth Intern role.
If the second budget is voted in then we will interview Dan Carter for the Youth Intern role. Dan is a gifted pastoral leader, well loved by the youth and youth leaders. If this goes ahead he will be solely focused on running Y@P and organising camps and events, meaning the Associate Pastor, while still working closely with Y@P, will be freed up to focus a bit more broadly in the ministries of Papanui. If the church votes for the first budget, then the Associate would need to be more hands on in the weekly running of Y@P. Much of this will take some fine tuning, as we haven’t had either approach before. God is up to something wonderful in all of the ministries at PBC and we look forward to seeing what personnel will join us on staff next year.