Over the weekend we had our PBC church camp, where together we explored how our story is found in God’s story. 110 people came out to camp over the weekend, with ages ranging from one through to the late eighties! We are blessed with many wise Christians in our church, and it was wonderful to see knowledge being passed so generously intergenerationally throughout camp. One of our wise people stood up on Saturday morning and taught us all an amazing way to pray and submit ourselves to God: Wendy had prayed that God would give us the weather that we needed (not necessarily wanted), and then thanked God for the rain, acknowledging his purpose in it. This set an amazing tone in camp, where we trusted that God has a reason for the rain. Our posture became one of gratitude as we enjoyed more cosy time together than we planned. How can you submit to Christ today, trusting in his purpose? Let’s go through our week with a posture of gratitude and love for one another.