Kathryn Thorne’s words last Sunday were so powerful that we think they are worth reading again, so here is an abridged version. You can read the full version on our Facebook page.

One of the ways we participate in and embody God’s Kingdom is to recognise and embrace one another and celebrate our diversity in the unity of Christ! At Papanui Baptist, one of the ways we celebrate that we are becoming increasingly diverse and colourful and multi-cultural is to give voice to our many languages.

Until now, every second week, there has been a reading in a language other than English. However, we, together, wish to change the rhythm a little. We will try reading one passage a week and read it twice. The first reading will be in a language other than English. We invite you to relax, and let the words and sounds flow over you. Whenever and wherever God’s Word is spoken and read over us, it carries a blessing and power, even if we don’t understand all of the words we have heard! And God’s Word is also to be read and understood…so, our representing elder will read the same passage, following, in English. This recognises that, in our church family context, at this time, the majority of us are primarily English users.
May we be blessed by the reading and hearing of God’s Words!