Philip Sapsford does an amazing job with World Vision, connecting pastors with people who have responded to God’s call to live and work alongside the poor. This week he organized a gathering at North City for us to meet Dr. Jayakumar Christian, who is a development practitioner and author of several books on development in India. Dr. Christian talked about the call for us to live and work among the poor in order to bless and transform the nations. This is how we confront and defeat evil in our land. If the church is not with the poor, then it is irrelevant to the nations. This is challenging stuff! Dr. Christian spoke at South West Baptist in the weekend. We would encourage you to take some time to listen to his sermon and sit with this challenge, and see where your feet lead you!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Atkinson family, as they grieve the loss of Maurice. He was Pastor at Oxford Baptist for 30 years, and in recent years has been the Regional Missional Leader for Canterbury Baptist Churches. He will be missed by many. His funeral is tomorrow at St Albans Baptist at 2pm.