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Peace be with You

by Ed Karlsen

Celebration is in complete order for this time of the year. Things are coming to an end; so like a good ending to a movie we finish on a happy note; announcing a new and better living for 2015. It is a time for family reunions with lavish meals and unwrapping gifts. Most of us […]


by Guest Author

Eugene Peterson, the writer of “The Message.” begins his introduction to the book of Galatians with these words: “When men and women get their hands on religion, one of the things they often do is turn it into an instrument for controlling others, either putting or keeping them “in their place.” The history of such […]

Introduction to Galatians

by Margaret McFedries

While Pastor Ed and Linda are away, we will be going through the book of Galatians in our Sunday Services. Let this introduction from The Message wet your appetite for following the weekly messages. “When men and women get their hands on religion, one of the first things they often do is turn it into […]

Kingdom of God Breaks the Kingdom of Darkness

by Ed Karlsen

John Wesley (founder of the Methodist) said; “I look upon the whole world as my parish”. If the world is the place of mission, the task of doing it requires much more than being awake. There are defined actions from the commission of Jesus: go and make disciples; baptizing them…… teaching them…. This task was […]

Future Building Plans

by Ed Karlsen

Many pre-earthquake plans have been changed or altered post-earthquake. We have to adjust to change, the positive aspect is our challenge to create new thinking; learning new ways to grow. Growth is a biblical mandate we carry at many levels. God called us from the beginning to multiply (Gen 1:28). Furthermore, the gospel was never […]

The Holy Spirit

by Ed Karlsen

We applaud those who recently got baptized. Baptism is the affirmation of our faith, and the challenge to live a Spirit filled life. I cannot claim it is easy, but the Holy Spirit is available because Jesus made the promise (Jn 14:25-27). Many live by God’s principles, and although this is good; we are called […]

Prayer, a Lasting Tradition

by Ed Karlsen

I am currently a board member for the Canterbury/Westland Association. Our board is made up of 5 members who work with a Regional leader (Paul Askin), Youth leader (Mike Dodge), Children’s leader (Donna Reid), and an Administrator (Nicola Rosanowski). Paul and Nicola are vacating their positions, so we have been advertising for a Regional leader […]

The Easter Story is Alive

by Ed Karlsen

Easter blessings to all the Norwegians who are reading this blog. I recently made a trip to Norway to see my father before he died. It was a privilege to be at his side and pray for him as he was letting go. Let me thank all of you who prayed for us and supported […]

Growing in God

by Ed Karlsen

Last weekend we had an Elders retreat at the amazing lodge at Castle Hill. We revised some of our stuff from last year. We also spent time praying and seeking God for our future. Growing as a church is not only numerical growth. We are well aware of the limitations we have due to our […]

The Gathering

by Ed Karlsen

National Assembly, or better known as the Gathering, is an annual event where all the Baptist churches are invited to send their pastors and representatives to hear what the Lord is doing amongst us. Linda and I have been regular attenders for the past 20 years. We worship, celebrate, debate, vote and listen to the […]

Christian Behaviour Must Have the Courage to Forgive

by Ed Karlsen

We all need to take time to experience God in our personal lives. One of the fundamental ways to experience God’s love is to keep our relationships with people in order. This doesn’t mean that we will have sweet fellowship with everybody, but we are called to be forgiving. 1Jn 2 10 Anyone who loves their […]

How is Your Health?

by Ed Karlsen

This week I made a visit to the doctor, getting my physical warrant of fitness. He took my blood pressure with a basic overhaul to discover improvement from my previous year visit. My doctor demanded: “The only thing I’m prescribing for you is another holiday next year in the Cook Islands. Whatever you did there […]

Faith Evokes the Holy Spirit

by Ed Karlsen

Prayer mixed with faith is a potent mix. I encourage people to pray in an audible voice, especially when we are faced with depression or discouragement. Jesus never seemed to have drawn out prayers, but he was the audible master of small sentence prayers; “come out”, “be quiet”, “receive your sight”, “get behind me Satan”. […]

The Platform for Battle

by Ed Karlsen

The Platform for Battle – Ephesians 6 Last month I spoke about the need to forgive. Matthew 6:14,15 – we see that as we forgive others, God will forgive us, but if we do not forgive others God will not forgive us. Although this principle is true, we also need to be in a place […]


by Ed Karlsen

Abraham Lincoln was burdened after the American Civil war and was wondering how he could make peace and reconciliation. In the White House he was speaking sympathetically about the South. A person infuriated by this notion, interrupted and said; “How dare you speak so kindly of our enemy, we should be destroying them”. Abraham Lincoln […]

Jesus Is Calling

by Ed Karlsen

The debate continues with the passing of our new Marriage Equality Bill. I hear comments like; ”this country is going to the dogs, and God is going to judge us for sitting back.” There are many who champion the past, and how the “good old days” were soaked in godliness. There are things of the […]