This Sunday we are kicking off our ‘Being Baptist’ series. Papanui Baptist is one of over 240 local churches in Aotearoa who are networked together as the Baptist Churches of New Zealand. The Baptist denomination actually shares most things in common with other Christians, such as belief in the Trinity, in the incarnation and atonement of Jesus, in the resurrection of the dead, and the life everlasting. None of that makes a person “Baptist”—it makes us Christian. For that reason, we Baptists ought to be comfortable worshipping alongside our brothers and sisters of other denominations, for there is but one Lord. Yet, there is something distinctive about being Baptist, and over the next six weeks, we’ll explore what this is and why we think being Baptist can be a good thing! We believe it represents a compelling vision of being the church. And in turn, it’s our prayer that God will invite us to live out this unique gift for the blessing of the church of all denominations in Aotearoa.