On Sunday we kicked off our new preaching series, “Being Baptist: A Compelling Vision of Church,” because, well, we think it’s compelling! We genuinely think living into our Baptist identity can be a gift to the church of New Zealand in the 21st century, just as Baptist women preachers and decision-makers were gifts to the church in the 17th century, as Charles Spurgeon was in the 19th century, and as Martin Luther King Jr and Billy Graham were in the 20th century. You can hear our conversation here: https://www.papbap.org.nz/…/being-baptist-a-compelling-vis…/

Then, on Tuesday night, we began our accompanying Grow Night series, “Being Papanui Baptist,” in which we’re asking the “so what” questions in light of our Sunday series: what does it mean for Papanui Baptist to exercise our gift of being Baptist for the sake of the gospel? Come along—we’d love to hear your voice in this important conversation.