Today we’re flying north to Palmerston North for the annual Baptist Hui, where members of Baptist Churches from around Aotearoa gather to share stories from the year, encourage one another for our participation in God’s mission, and give God the glory. It can be a really special space! As many of you know, we Baptists are a bit divided on things at the moment, and there are real fears this could lead to division as we’re currently seeing in other denominations. Please be praying for us as we gather—we need our God to give us the unity that comes from found together in the good news of Jesus and his kingdom. We hope you represent you well in that space.

This week we’re also celebrating a new addition to the Papanui Paper Plane: at the bottom, you’ll see a new slot, “Whānau News”. This is a space for people from Papanui Baptist to share updates with one another—birthdays, celebrations, travels, bereavements, etc. We’ve found people often wish they could be more in the loop with what’s happening around the place, so we’re hoping Whānau News might help in some small way. And of course, there really is no replacement for simply catching up together in the flesh! So, if you have any news you’d like to share with the church, please send it to

Elliot and Sarah Rice