Over the last couple of months we have received applications for the vacant role we have here at PBC. As you know, with the elders we have reviewed and changed the role to focus largely on ministries within the church—a “ministry director” as such. This is an area we are excited by and think needs more focus. We currently have two processes under way. In one, we have an application for an Assistant Pastor role. This process is with the Co-Senior Pastors and Elders, and if this option is taken, then the Assistant Pastor will be announced to the church as an employed role. The second process is for applicants for the Associate Pastor position, which unlike the first is a “called” position. This begins with the call committee, made up of Verity Stewart, Mike Dodge, Neil McKenzie, Pamela Griffiths, Sarah, and Elliot. The call committee is determining whether it will bring any of the applications for that role to the elders. If they do so, then the elders with Sarah and Elliot will review the names put forward for either the Associate Pastor or Assistant Pastor. From there, one name will be put forward, either employed (Assistant), or to a church vote for a “call” (Associate). It sounds slightly complicated because they are two different styles of role, but both for the purpose of leading our ministries. We would appreciate your prayers in this time. We believe Jesus is active in our church, and through his Holy Spirit is calling someone here to help equip us to do the Father’s will. Watch this space!


Ngā mihi nui,

Sarah & Elliot Rice