What’s God stirring up for Papanui Baptist? How is the Holy Spirit moving in our lives and neighbourhoods? How can we be light on our feet, ready to do the Father’s will? Across Christchurch, and throughout NZ, there are churches who are prayerfully asking where God is leading them. What is bubbling out is a focus on our everyday locations and recognising that Jesus is already at work in those places, calling us to participate in what he is doing. It seems that God is bringing out a growing incarnational, neighbourhood emphasis, to complement and strengthen the attractional and vocational emphasis. People are learning how to do spiritual disciplines together, enabling them to live as redemptive communities. They are learning to walk as they pray. God is creating a desire and vision in people for the neighbourhood they are in. Jesus is reminding his body that we’re all missionaries—that we’re all sent to share the good news. This means we need to be light on our feet, ready to go where the Spirit leads. To learn more here is the link the AGM talk Elliot and Sarah did on Sunday.