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Sarah Rice

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Elliot and I are delighted to be the Co-Pastors serving at Papanui Baptist. We both studied theology at Carey Baptist College in Auckland. After completing my studies, we got married and moved into an “intentional living community.” This is where you live in close proximity with others, united by daily spiritual rhythms, with a desire to participate in Christ’s mission in the local community. Elliot and I believe God has made us to live in community where the highs and lows of life are shared.

I love seeing people participate in what God is up to in this world, when they’re united to Christ by the Spirit to give the Father glory. Whether this is in the work place, the home, the school, or the local dairy, Jesus is up to something in our neighbourhood and we want to join in!

We are enjoying living in Christchurch and have been blown away by “southern hospitality.” It is wonderful to have a new community to do life with and be on this adventure of following Jesus together.

Elliot Rice

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Sarah and I have been serving here since Easter 2016. Prior to this we worked at Carey, where we ran the Intermission programme—a course designed for young Christians asking the big questions about life and living. During our studies we also job shared at Windsor Park Baptist in their Young Adults ministry.

I love it when people are surprised by God as he encounters them in Scripture, and they find their lives transformed through the invitation to join in his upside down kingdom. Because of that, I love preaching and teaching, so that people can taste and see just how great our God is, and can know the joy of participating through the Son in the life and mission of the Trinity.

We love the community here at Papanui. If you’re new to this neck of the woods, please send any of us a message—we’d love to connect!

Colleen Hutchinson

Associate Pastor
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After living and serving for most of the last 25 years in South-East Asia, 2018 saw my family and I returning to New Zealand. My husband Adam, twins Sophie and Samuel and youngest daughter Tobey and I have enjoyed South Island hospitality as we have been busy re-establishing ourselves in North Canterbury and being welcomed back to Papanui Baptist Church. 

My time serving overseas saw me gain extensive experience in community development, working with several local and international NGOs. This experience in turn has grown a passion for seeing people deepen their understanding of God and of who they are in Christ. It has given me a passion to see injustices transformed; seeing God move through his people to bring ‘rightness’ or righteousness into wrong situations. 

Being able to journey with people as they move deeper into their own understanding of these things as God reveals His Mission and our place in that mission is very exciting.

Dan Carter

Youth Intern
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Papanui Baptist has been a part of my whole life! Being brought up in this encouraging, affirming family has been incredible. It’s a privilege to work here, especially because I get to do what I love! My main role is to facilitate our youth group, Y@P, but also to continue developing connections between our wider church body and our youth.

A huge passion of mine is getting alongside young people to help Jesus reveal His love for them, and the worth He has placed on their lives. A big part of my story was (and still is) this revelation for myself; so I know the value that this has, firsthand.

In my spare time I play canoe polo and/or football, and in general am a little sport-mad. I also love Lego and watching Marvel movies. Feel free to flick me an email to say gidday!