Our Church

Kia ora, and welcome to Papanui Baptist’s website. We are 15 minutes away from the Airport, situated in the northwest region of Christchurch. Our local community is a diverse social mix with an increasing change of culture. This is slowly reflecting within our church community.

Papanui Baptist began with a ministry to our children from our community (1958), and we have continued with the tradition of working with the needs in our suburb. We have multiple ministries to our community, such as food delivery, sewing, music and dance for children, youth ministries and much more. One of our greatest achievements has been our Youth Centre that we built and opened in our suburb in 2007. This center has computer rooms, climbing walls and recording facilities, supporting the local schools and beyond.

Papanui Baptist Church has been involved with Cambodian ministries in Christchurch and Cambodia for the past decade. We have a Cambodian congregation, and we are pleased to have a new pastor (2012) from Cambodia helping to lead this congregation.

We have a roll up your sleeves approach, and we like to use the talents of Gods people amongst us. We are blessed with exceptional skills and talents, and we continue to attract people who want to make a difference in our City. Our desire is to lead people to personal faith in Jesus Christ, and to grow in our faith so that we can influence others for good.

Our Beliefs

  • The local church is called to meet together for worship, friendship and teaching, creating a common purpose.
  • We are to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ.
  • The person of the Holy Spirit is the one who sets apart, empowers, and imparts spiritual gifts to the believers for mission and love.
  • Our behaviour is to love the local Community, our City, our Country and the World.
  • Our mission is to lead people to personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission Statement

To Belong. To Grow. To Influence

How do I become a Christian?

If you would like to become a Christian you can do it now by talking to God. The exact words do not matter, nor is it about reciting a formula, but entering a relationship. God wants all of us to restore our relationship with him.

You could say something like this:

“God, here I am, and I could use a new beginning. I know that I have not been living to please you, but I want to now. Please forgive me for all my wrongdoing, and empower me to change. Thank you for sending Jesus into our world to die for me. I trust him to forgive me. I now want to give him first place in my life and to live for him.”

Talking to God like that is powerful stuff! When done sincerely, it makes you a child of God. It makes you a new Christian. Of course that is just the beginning. As a new Christian you need to grow. The best way to do that is to get in touch with other Christians and stay in touch, or contact us.