Last Sunday we had a special time together celebrating Jack, Bre, Ethan, Bri and Shanta’e’s baptism. When each one was lowered into the water, it reminded us of how the Son was lowered into the world as a man, even to a sinner’s death of the cross. The water represented how through Jesus, the Father has forgiven them, and washed them clean of their sin. This demonstrates God’s wonderful grace to us. Then they were raised out of the water, which reminds us of how Jesus was raised to life by the Spirit and that he’s now at the right hand of the Father. They were also raised into the community of believers, who are formed by Jesus’s spirit and word. They were raised from the water and brought into the life of the people of God. All the cards, prayers and hugs, you gave was you participating in God’s active love for these five. You had wide open arms to embrace our brothers and sisters who have been grafted into us. What a joy it is to be a family who love each other. Please continue to pray and say hello to these five.
Elliot was very sad to have missed the service but was unwell (he still has a bad cough but is up and about now). This Sunday he will be preaching at Ponsonby Baptist and next Sunday will be in Sydney for a theological conference. We look forward to hearing what he will have learned and it is wonderful he is able to preach at Ponsonby Baptist.