A close to home post)

This month’s letter from the BU was spectacular in how they managed to endorse the submissive/supportive role of women to men who are doing the ‘real’ ministry. It was phrased with such creative subtleness but people will tacitly pick up on the message, which (from my experience) influences behaviour towards women.

Words create worlds. Worlds that either empowers men and women to work together in partnership or disempower’s women to only have the supporter role. The Apostle Paul was very careful in how he talked about women through his words and working with women, he showed how things can be different.

How do you think Paul views women?
What was the language he used?
How do men and women have mutual submission and support each other?
What does Paul mean by co-working together?

Through his language, that is entwined with action, he showed a redemptive way forward. Our language informs how we live—words matter.

Sarah Harris is a gifted wordsmith! I find myself excited every time she puts out articles.

This one is about Paul’s attitude towards women: http://www.baptistmag.org.nz/leader…/god-made-me-lime-green/
This second one is about women who walked with Jesus: http://www.baptistmag.org.nz/leadership/gifted-and-called/

Did anything from the articles take you by surprise?